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But all this was in vain,for Mary, like Edward, died childless,但这些都是徒劳 和爱德华一样 玛丽死后无子suffering frantically through two false pregnancies,the second a cancer of the womb.她被两次假折磨致死 第二次实为子宫癌The resurrection of Catholic England was doomed.信奉天主教的英国的复兴气数已尽Anne Boleyn had triumphed from the grave over Catherine of Aragon,长眠地下的安妮·林借女儿伊丽莎白之手as her daughter, Elizabeth,would outlast Mary and undo all her pious hopes.战胜了阿拉贡的凯瑟琳 活得更久伊丽莎白将毁掉玛丽所有的奢望Elizabeth cast herself as the healer,伊丽莎白自视为治愈者someone who would bring the violent pendulum swings of the religious war平复宗教战争所引发的血腥动荡back to a calm and steady centre,a middle way between the courses chosen by her half-brother and her half-sister.带给英国和平稳定的人 她选择了一条介于爱德华和玛丽之间的道路She outlawed the Mass and brought back the Book of Common Prayer,她废除了天主教仪式 重新启用《公祷书》but she allowed and encouraged priests to remain celibate但她允许和鼓励神父单身and was certainly in no hurry to abolish the Catholic calendar of Saints Days.也不急于废除 天主教的圣人历But if Elizabeth put out the fires of religious fanaticism,然而与其说伊丽莎白扑灭了宗教狂热she lit them in the breasts of patriotic Englishmen and women.不如说是她 敞开了宗教狂热者们的胸襟For as cautions as she was,Elizabeth couldnt help her reign being seen by many由于她的小心谨慎 伊丽莎白的统治被视为as the reinstatement of a truly English way.真正英格兰风格的复兴 /201701/489299Hi again, welcome back to engvid.com, Im Adam, todays lesson is meant to show you ways of increasing your vocabulary.再次见到大家很高兴,欢迎回到engvid.com,我是Adam,今天的课程是要教你们一些增加词汇量的方法。I know some of the other teachers on engvid.com have done these lessons.我知道engvid.com上有些其他的老师已经做过这种课程了。I just want to throw my two cents in if you know what that means, is I want to give my own piece of advice.我只是想跟大家分享一下我的拙见,如果你们知道这是什么意思的话......也就是我想给你们一些我自己的建议。I have a few ideas for you, we are going to start with these, were going to look at a few others more practical ones as well.我给你们准备了一些方法,我们会先从这些开始讲,然后还会再看其他几个更实用的想法。The most important thing that you can do to increase your vocabulary is , a lot.要增加词汇量,你们能做的最重要的事是阅读,大量阅读。What should you ? Anything and everything.But the most important thing is what you are interested in, okay?你们应该读什么?任何东西,所有材料都可以。但最重要的是阅读你们感兴趣的材料。If you like sports, a sports magazine.If you like movies, a movie magazine, even better the script of the movie.如果你们喜欢运动,那就读本运动杂志。如果喜欢电影,那就看本电影杂志,能读一读电影剧本就更好了。If the movie is based on a novel, the novel.For example, recently the movie Life of Pi was very famous in the theaters.如果这部电影是根据一本小说改编的,那就去读这本小说。举个例子来说,最近在各大影院都很火爆的电影《少年派的奇幻漂流》。Its based on a novel, the novel, its a pretty good book.它就是根据一部小说改编的,这本小说很不错,你们可以看一下。My favorite movie Shawshank Redemption, based on a novella by Stephen King.我最喜欢的电影《肖申克的救赎》,改编自Stephen King的中篇小说。Read it, best way to increase your vocabulary.Also dont just learn new words and try to remember them.去读一读吧,这是增加词汇量最好的方法。还有,学新单词的时候不要只是干巴巴地学并且试着记住它们。Write, write a lot, use the words youre learning, right?你们要动手写,多写,要把你们正在学的单词用起来。Every time you learn a new word, you should have a notebook with you all the time anyway.不管怎样,每次你们学习一个新单词的时候,都应该在身边带一个笔记本。Write the word in a sentence, but not just any sentence, make sure that the sentence clearly shows that you know the meaning of the word, okay?用这个单词造一个句,但是也不要随便造句,你们要确保这个句子能够清晰地显示你们知道这个单词的意思,懂吗?So lets... for example, I know everybody knows this word but... ;beautiful;, everybody knows this word, but lets say its a new word for you.比如......我知道;beautiful;这个单词你们都认识,每个人都认识这个单词,不过我们假设这对你们来说是个新单词。Dont write ;The sky is beautiful;, it doesnt tell me anything about the word ;beautiful;.不要光写个;The sky is beautiful;,这个句子并没有告诉我任何关于单词;beautiful;的信息。The sky is also blue, does beautiful mean blue?No, make sure youre using something.天空也是蓝色的啊,;beautiful;的意思是蓝色吗?不是,请一定要在句子里加上其他成分。I love to see a beautiful sky that has pretty clouds and sunshine and a nice color, nice shade of blue, because it makes me feel happy.比如:我喜欢看这片有着漂亮的云、阳光和好看的颜色、好看的蓝色的美丽天空,因为它让我觉得很开心。Not the best example, its a very long sentence but you get my idea.这个例子虽然不是最好的示例,句子太长了,但是你们懂我的意思就好。Now again, coming back to that notebook, always have a notebook with you, always have a pen with you and dont limit yourself to one new word.再说一次,回到笔记本这个话题上来,你们随时都要带一本笔记本,随时都要带一笔,还有,不要局限于一个新单词。When you learn a new word, make sure you learn different forms of the same word, okay?当你们学习一个新单词的时候,请一定要学习同一个单词的不同形式。So for example, the word ;beautiful;, lets say this is a new word for you, you learn the word ;beautiful;.比如单词;beautiful;,我们假设这对你们来说是个新单词,你们在学;beautiful;这个单词。Put it in your adjective column, its an adjective, thats what you want.把它写在你们笔记本上形容词那一栏,它是个形容词,是你们想学的单词。But why not learn the other forms?For example, what is the adverb form of ;beautiful; ?但是为什么不学学它的其他形式呢?比如,;beautiful;的副词是什么?I think most of you know it, its ;beautifully;, so you have now two new words.我想你们大部分人都知道,那就是;beautifully;,那么现在你们有两个新单词了。What is the noun form of ;beautiful;?Its ;beauty;, you now have three new words in your vocabulary.;beautiful;的名词形式是什么呢?是;beauty;,现在你们的词汇量里增加了三个新单词。Is there a verb form of ;beautiful; ?Yes, as a matter of fact there is.;beautiful;有没有动词形式呢?有,事实上还真有。;Beautify;, means to make beautiful, you now have four new words.Think of other words, ;beautician;.那就是;beautify;,它的意思是“使......美丽”,你们现在学会了四个新单词。再想想其他单词,比如;beautician;。;Beautician; is a person who works making people more beautiful, she does facials and manicures and pedicures and wax and whatever else these beauticians do.;beautician;(美容师)的工作职责是把人们变得更加美丽,她会做美容、美甲、足疗、脱毛以及任何这些美容师会做的其他事情。Anyways try to find other forms, learn many words instead of just one word, okay?反正你们一定要试着找到单词的其他形式,学习多个单词而不是仅仅只学一个。Now some people like to study roots and suffixes and prefixes.有些人喜欢研究词根、后缀和前缀。Personally Im not a huge fan of this recommendation, but first, let me explain what a root is.个人来说,我对这个做法并不是很推荐,不过我还是先给你们解释一下什么是词根吧。For example, you have the root ;-ject;, so you learn inject, eject, object, subject, all the different words that come from the root,举个例子来说,你们看到了一个词根;-ject;,然后就可以学到这些单词:inject, eject, object, subject,这些不同的单词都是来自同一个词根,so many people only study the word or the root ;-ject; and think that it will help them understand all the words with this root.于是很多人就只学习这个单词或词根;-ject;,他们觉得这样就能弄懂所有由这个词根组成的单词。Its a good idea if you have the patience.想法不错,但是你们得有这个耐心。I think most people who are studying English dont like to study roots, because its like studying another language.我觉得大部分学英语的人都不喜欢学习词根,因为这就像在学另一门语言一样。If it works for you, do it, if it doesnt, dont, okay.如果这个方法对你们有用的话就照着做,如果没用就不要做。And now another thing you can do--listen.Listen to any spoken English that you can.现在我们来讲讲你们能做的另一件事——听。听任何你们能找到的英语口语。I think some of you may have heard of Ted.com, its a good website, people give talks and lectures about different topics.我想你们中一些人也许听说过Ted.com,那是个很好的网站,在那上面人们会发表关于不同话题的讲话和演讲。Listen, listen carefully.Anytime you hear a word that you dont recognize, write it down.听一听他们的讲话,认真听。任何时候你们听到了不认识的单词都要把它写下来。If you dont know the spelling, no problem, write it phonetically.如果你们不知道这个单词怎么写也没关系,按照读音把它写下来。Write the word just like it sounds, then if you have access to a transcript,根据它听起来的样子把这个单词写下来,然后如果你们能看到文本的话,means all the words that were spoken written down, check the transcript and find your word.也就是被记录下来的演讲的全部内容,如果能看到的话,请核对一下文本,找到你们不认识的那个单词。If you cant, if you dont have a transcript, go to a dictionary.如果找不到,如果你们没有文本的话,那就用字典。Now some of you have asked me to recommend a dictionary, very simple, and online you can get the paper one, or the online one.你们中有些人叫我推荐一部字典,这非常简单,从网上你们能找到纸质版的,也能找到电子版的。Merriam Websters, m-w.com, American English, oxford dictionaries.com, British English, okay?你们可以在m-w.com上找到韦氏字典,那是一部美式英语的字典,然后在oxford dictionaries.com上能找到英式英语的字典。Now I know Ive seen a lot of students use like their electronic dictionaries,我看见过很多学生使用他们的电子词典,they go from like English to Korean, English to Japanese, English to Spanish, dont do that anymore, okay?他们用的是像英韩词典、英日词典和英西词典之类的,不要再这么做了好吗?English to English, this way youre learning more words as youre learning one word.使用英英词典,这样你们在学习一个单词的时候能学到更多的单词。I dont know this word, I look at the definition, in the definition I might be... I might be learning other words, okay?比如我不认识这个单词,我去看了看释义,在释义里我也许会学到其他的单词。You will maximize how many words you learn by using an English to English dictionary.通过使用英英词典,你们学到的单词数量会达到最大化。Now again about those electronic dictionaries, sometimes like especially when people are trying to write,我再说一下电子词典方面的事情,有时候,尤其是当人们在写作的时候,they will write a sentence in their native language and then press translate on this dictionary, and get a sentence in English.他们会用母语写一个句子,然后按词典上的翻译键,接着就能得到一个英语的句子。Now Ive seen sentences that I knew came from the dic... from the electronic dictionary, because they made no sense.我看到过一些我一眼就知道是从电子词典中翻译来的句子,因为它们根本讲不通。Okay? They were terrible terrible sentences, dont do that, okay?那些句子超级超级糟糕,不要这么做好吗?The people who made these dictionaries might not know English very well, keep that in mind, okay?那些制造这些电子词典的人也许并不是很懂英语,记住这一点。So these are some ideas, now Im going to tell you what I think are the best ideas to increase your vocabulary.以上是我告诉你们的一些想法,现在我要跟你们讲我认为的增加词汇量最好的方法。Okay, so now were going to look at a couple of other ways you can increase your vocabulary.现在我们要来看几个能帮你们增加词汇量的其他方法。These are very effective but they take a lot of patience, a lot of perseverance.下面的这些方法非常有效,但是需要很多耐心和很大的毅力。You have to try hard, you have to keep doing it because vocabulary, not so easy right?你们必须努力,必须坚持,因为增加词汇量可不是件简单的事,不是吗?Okay, so first were going to start with cards.好了,首先我们要从卡片开始。You get yourself a stack of cards, maybe this big, not too big, because you want to carry them in your pocket, take them with you everywhere you go, okay?你们要给自己准备一叠卡片,也许这么大,不要太大了,因为你们要把它们放在口袋里,去哪儿都要随身带着。On one side of the cards, youre going to write words, four maybe five words that are new words for you.在卡片的一面,你们要写上四五个新单词。Youre going to write sentences on the back, on the other side of the card.在卡片的另一面也就是背面,你们要写下句子。Youre going to use these words in sentences so you have a clear meaning or you can write the meaning of the word, dictionary meaning, both okay.你们要把这些单词用到句子里去,这样你们就有一个清楚的含义,或者你们也可以写下这个单词的意思,字典上的释义,两种都可以。Now youre going to split your cards into three piles, okay?然后你们要把这些卡片分成三摞。You can like have the pile of cards of words that you know, words youre very comfortable with, eventually you will have a pile like this.你们可以分出一摞写着你们认识的单词的卡片,就是那些很顺口的单词,最终你们会得到像这样的一摞卡片。Words that youre very comfortable with, you know them very well, you dont need to look at these cards very often, okay?这一摞是你们觉得很舒、非常了解的单词,这些卡片不需要你们很频繁地去看。Now before I continue, where do you get these words?在继续之前,我问一下你们知道从哪儿找这些单词吗?Get from a TOEFL site or an IELTS site or an SAT site or an SAT book, for example they have lists of words that you need to learn.从或者雅思网站上找,或者SAT网站或SAT书,上面有很多你们要学的单词。Put all these words on cards, split them up like this.把所有这些单词写在卡片上,然后像这样把它们分出来。You know these words very well, dont need to look at.如果你们对这些单词很熟知的话,就不需要看了。These words youre almost sure or at least you recognize these words, youve seen them before, youve heard them before, you can guess what they mean maybe in context.下面这些单词你们几乎能确定它们的意思,或者至少能认出它们,你们以前见过或听过这些单词,也许根据上下文能猜出它们的意思。So youre not sure, put them in this...this pile, this pile you will look at all the time.那么对于你们不太确定的单词,把它们归到这一摞,这一摞卡片你们要一直看。And then in the last pile, you put words that you really dont know, okay?接下来,最后一摞的单词是你们真的不认识的单词。This is the pile you will look at the most, you will study these words.这是你们要看的时间最多的一摞单词,要好好学习这些单词。As they become more familiar, you move them to this pile, this pile you study also very regularly.等它们变得熟悉了一些之后,就把它们移到这一摞,这一摞卡片你们也要定期学习。You take this... this pile is the one you put in your pocket and take with you, when you go outside.这一摞是你们出门的时候要放在口袋里随身带着的。On the bus, look at your words, long line at the bank, pull out your cards, look at the words, okay?在公交车上的时候,你们可以看看这些单词,在里排长队的时候,你们也可以把卡片拿出来看看单词。When this word becomes very comfortable for you, when you know what this word means, move it over to this pile, leave it at home, okay?当这个单词变得对你来说很舒的时候,当你知道了这些单词的意思的时候,就把它移到这一摞里来,这一摞是要留在家里的。Dont know-almost sure-know, study-move-study- move-put aside, once in a while look at them just make sure you remember.你们要经历的过程是:不认识-几乎确定-认识,学习-移动-学习-移动-放在一边,偶尔你们还要再看看这些单词,谨防你们会忘记。Because if you never look at these again, you will forget them, okay?因为如果你们再也不看这些单词的话,就会忘记它们的。So its all the time, continual, you have to practice, practice, practice, practice.所以要一直看,持续不断地看,你们必须练习、练习、练习再练习。Vocabulary is a lot of memorization, thats the way it is.词汇需要大量的背诵,它就是这么回事。Now heres another thing you can do, okay, this is the last one Ill show you today.现在还有一件事是你们可以做的,这也是我今天要跟你们讲的最后一点。What you do is you make yourself groups of words, okay?你们要做的就是自己把单词分组。You take... you can do it many ways, you can make yourself a little... like a... a little brainstorm.你们可以按照很多方式来做,可以自己做一个小头脑风暴。You, for example if were looking at root, you write the root in here ;-ject;举个例子来说,如果我们在看词根,你们在这里写下词根;-ject;,and then you wirte reject, inject eject, subject etc, or in a list, however way it works for you.然后写下单词reject, inject eject, subject等等,或者你们也可以列一个表,无论什么方式,只要对你们来说有用就行。So three ways that I will recommend to group words, again if you like the roots, group them like that: eject, reject, object, subject, inject.我会给你们推荐三种单词分组的方法,再说一下,如果你们喜欢词根,那就按照词根分组,比如:eject, reject, object, subject, inject。Now the reason youre going to make groups is because maybe you dont remember object or object, remember, now moreover,要给单词分组的原因是,也许你们不记得;object;的意思了,但是你们记得;-ject;,你们记得这个小组,but you remember ;-ject;, you remember this group, you sort of remember what ;-ject; means, so you can apply it to object.在一定程度上记得;-ject;的意思,那么你们就能把这个意思适用于;object;。;-ject; is like push, in most contexts object is push away, refuse, okay?;-ject;有推的意思,在大部分语境中,;object;是推开,也就是拒绝的意思。So if you dont remember the word, hopefully you will remember the idea of the group and then that will remind you what the word means, okay?所以,如果你们不记得这个单词,但愿你们记得这个小组的概念,然后它们就会提醒你们这个单词的意思。Another group you can use is similar meanings, so synonyms, words that have similar meanings or a similar function, okay?你们能用的另一种分组方法是相似的意义,即同义词,也就是有着相似的含义或者相似功能的单词。So for example, Im going to look at this function ;increase;, extend, expand, accelerate, intensify, reinforce,比如,我要看;increase;(增加)这个功能,那么extend, expand, accelerate, intensify, reinforce,all of these have some sort... in their meaning, have some sort of connection to increase.这些单词的含义都跟;increase;有某种联系。;Extend;, make longer, increase length or time, duration; ;expand;, increase size or scope;;extend;的含义是“使......更长”,“增加长度或时间”,“音延”; ;expand;是“增加规模或范围”;;accelerate;, increase speed; ;intensify;, increase intensity; ;reinforce;, increase strength.;accelerate;是“提高速度”;;intensify;是“加强强度”;;reinforce;是“增加力度”。So you... maybe you see the word ;reinforce;, youre ing something, you see the word ;reinforce;.也许你们看到了单词;reinforce;,也许你们在阅读某个材料的时候看见了;reinforce;这个单词。Youre not exactly sure what it means, but you remember the group it was in, the group was the increase group.你们不能完全确定它的意思,但是你们记得它所在的小组,它在;increase;小组里。So ;reinforce; means increase, plus, the context of the sentence you saw it in will help you understand it means increase strength,所以;reinforce;的意思是增加,另外,你们看见的它所在句子的语境也会帮你们理解它的意思,它有“ 增加力量”的意思,or sometimes it could be increase number like a number of soldiers, reinforce the position.或者有时候它也有“增加数量”的意思,比如士兵的数量,或者加强地位。The last group is theme, for example lets say for today that the theme is technology, okay?最后一种分组是主题,比如我们假设今天的主题是科技。So you write words that have to do with technology.那么你们写的单词就要和科技有关。;Obsolete;, ;state-of-the-art;, ;update;, ;downgrade;, ;cutting-edge;, all these words we can talk about like computer softwares or computers.比如;obsolete;, ;state-of-the-art;, ;update;, ;downgrade;, ;cutting-edge;,所有这些单词我们都能用来谈论电脑软件或者电脑。;Obsolete;, old not useful anymore, nobody uses this anymore...uh... Windows XP maybe not completely obsolete but almost obsolete or hardly anybody uses it anymore.;obsolete;的意思是“旧的,不再有用的,没人会再用的”,比如Windows XP,它也许不是完全废弃的,但是也几乎废弃了,或者基本上没人会再用它了。;State-of-the-art; means the newest; ;cutting-edge;, the newest, the most modern, that the most advanced you can get; ;update; to make newer; ;downgrade; to make less.;state-of-the-art; 的意思是“最新的”;;cutting-edge;是“最新的,最现代的,能获得的最先进的”;;update;的意思是“使......变得更新”;;downgrade;是“使......更差一些”。For example, I have Windows 8, I dont like it, I want to downgrade to Windows 7, but I cant do it, Windows 8 wont let me.举个例子来说,我用的是Windows 8系统,我不喜欢它,想把它降级成Windows 7,但是我没法儿这么做,因为Windows 8不会让我这么做的。But anyway so you have a theme, you have a function, you have the root.不管怎么说,你们有三种分组方法:主题、功能、词根。Learn in chunks, if you dont remember one word, youll remember the group, it will help you understand the word youre looking at, okay?学习词块,如果你们记不住单个单词,你们会记住整个小组,它会帮你们弄懂眼前的这个单词的。Go to engvid.com, Ill give you a quiz, give you some more practice with these ideas,你们可以去engvid.com网站上看看,我会在那里上传一个小测验,让你们多练习一下这些方法,and subscribe to my YouTube channel and come again and we will do this again.Thanks!同时也别忘了订阅我的YouTube频道,还有,我们下次上课的时候欢迎再来观看。谢谢!201707/516476

Vaccines for children and programs aimed at maternal and child health have dramatically reduced death among young children.儿童疫苗和为妇幼保健拟定的方案极大地降低了幼儿死亡率。But what about adolescents?但青少年呢?The World Health Organization says their health is being neglected.世界卫生组织表示,人们都忽略了青少年的健康问题。When you look at adolescents, by that I mean the age group 10 to 19,把目光放到青少年身上,我是说10到19岁年龄段之间的孩子。were finding 1.2 million die each year.我们会发现,他们当中每年都会有120万人死亡。Thats 3,000 deaths a day, thats, you know, 10 jumbo jets.也就是每天都有3000人离开人世。相当于十台巨型喷气机所能承载的乘客数量。Here a family mourns the death of a 14-year-old girl,这个家庭正在哀悼一位刚刚14岁,生命却已戛然而止的女孩子。A WHO study finds most of the adolescents deaths could be avoided.世卫组织在一项研究中发现,大多数的青少年死亡本是可以避免的。The report says more than 2/3 of the deaths occur in sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia.报告指出,超过2/3的死亡案例都发生在撒哈拉以南非洲和东南亚地区。This is the funeral of a child bride in Afghanistan.这是阿富汗一个少年新娘的葬礼。Of all deaths, traffic injuries top the list, most kids are struck by a car while walking or riding a bicycle.在所有的死因当中,交通事故位居榜首。大多数孩子都是在路上走着或者骑自行车的时候被汽车撞倒。In India, for example, there are 90,000 deaths on the road each year;比如在印度,每年都有9万人死在路上,many of those are adolescents and children.其中很多都是儿童和青少年。The causes of death differ by gender, age and region.青少年的死因随性别、年龄还有地区的不同而有所差异。Boys between the age of 15 and 19 are more likely to die from traffic injuries than girls or younger boys.15到19岁之间的男孩,比起女孩子或者更小一点的男孩子更有可能死于交通伤害。Girls are more likely to die in childbirth, their body are not y to have babies.而女孩则更有可能死于分娩之时,因为她们的身体条件还没有准备好迎接孩子的到来。This play in Kyrgyzstan is meant to discourage the practice of child marriage.吉尔吉斯斯坦的这部话剧意在抵制童婚。Girls between 10 and 14 are at risk from respiratory infections like pneumonia that they get breathing in fumes from cooking fuels.如今10到14岁之间的女孩子们都面临呼吸道感染的危险,例如患上肺炎,因为她们总会吸入烹饪燃燃烧产生的烟雾。Teens who abuse alcohol or drugs, or those with mental health issues often cannot get the care they need to save their lives.酗酒、嗑药以及有精神健康问题的青少年,很多时候都得不到自己所需要的照护,来挽救处在深渊中的生命。The WHO wants governments and health agencies to develop plans to improve the health of adolescents.世卫组织希望各国政府和卫生机构制定多项计划,从而改善青少年的健康状况。Governments have got to invest in young people. I mean, whats the countries richest asset?政府必须得给年轻人投资,我是说,一个国家最富有的资产是什么?Its the young people, its the children, actually, because theyre the future.是年轻人,是这些孩子们。因为他们才是国家的未来。Governments could create and enforce speed limits and make using seat belts mandatory.各国政府可以制定并实施限速政策,同时强制使用安全带。Health agencies could encourage adolescents to develop healthy life styles.卫生机构可以鼓励青少年培养健康的生活方式。The roots of diabetes, of heart attacks, of strokes, of lung cancer,糖尿病、心脏病发作、the root of that lies in the adolescent years,中风和肺癌的根源就在青少年时代,how adolescents approach nutrition, and diet and exercise,他们的营养、饮食和运动情况如何,whether they start to smoke or not, or abuse other substances.是否已经开始抽烟或者滥用其他药物,这些都会为日后埋下祸根。Improving the physical, mental and sexual health of adolescents could result in significant economic returns,改善青少年的身体、精神和性健康情况可能会带来巨大的经济效益,according to a study published in The Lancet in April.《柳叶刀》在四月份发布的研究中指出。The study reports that an investment of .60 per person per year would yield more than 10 times as much in benefits to society.研究报告称,每人每年得到4.6美元的投资,未来社会福利的收益就能高出十多倍。For VOA correspondent Carol Pearson, Im Steve Baragona. VOA News.这是VOA新闻,我是史蒂夫·巴拉戈纳。 201707/516473

I face some of the harshest places on earth,and every step I take,my crew follows.我亲临这世界上一些严酷之地 每一步艰难的前行 都有同伴相随When you through on it for mid of the wildness,it always take time to adjust.当你身处荒野之中时 总是需要花时间来适应But it is swamps that the crew found most unnerving.You come from London on the plane,但是最让队员们感到不安的是沼泽 你从伦敦来坐飞机来literally... you know,couples of days later, you are dropped into a swamp,which is...you know, incredibly intimidating place.事实上 你知道 几天之后 你掉进了一滩沼泽 那真是 你知道 难以置信的 令人恐惧的地方And immidiately your senses just on absolute overreacting and anything that brush brushes your leg,you just ;Ho, whats that? whats that? whats that?;瞬间 你的神经绷到极点 所有碰触你腿的东西 你唯一的反应就是 ;哦 啥东西 啥东西 啥东西;Its amazing how sensitive your hear become, just...every little crack will twig,when youre not quite sure whats under the surface.你的听觉变得异常敏锐 连小树枝断裂都听得见 因为你不知道 水下面会有什么Whether is the swamp to the deep south or the jungle river in Belize.无论是在深渊的沼泽 亦或是贝里斯的丛林河流surviving in water is a tough business.And filming in it, a real challenge.在水中求生从来都不是易事 在水中拍摄 更是挑战the temperature, the wild water and the risk of drowning are all facts that meet me and my team always thinking long and hard.水温 宽广的水域和溺水的危险都是我和我的团队 要深思熟虑的Fast flowing rivers and rapids they are...they are for me, personally the...the risk is environment.急速奔流的河和湍流 它们就我个人来说 真正的危险是外部环境Because its totally moving changing risk.Every day the flow is different,so its very tense environment to operate it.因为这是完完全全的 不断变化的风险 每一天 水流都会不同 所以 这是很难驾驭的艰难环境I cant affirm us of thinking right, okay?If something went wrong here,its dental my ability to get off here or its completely you tense... tense more than nature.我无法断定我们的想法是对的 如果有什么意外 究竟我能自行脱困 还是一切要由大自然主宰I think water, is defenitely the best example that cause you are completely at its mercy.我认为水 绝对是最好的例 因为你完全只能任其摆布Bear is very very good at finding that line,and not exactly like to me.贝尔非常擅长发现这其中的界限 而像我就不能分辨的那么准确201605/446619

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  TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201607/452210。

  British police said mental health was a significant factor in a London stabbing attack that left one woman dead and at least five injured.伦敦发生一起持刀袭击事件,造成一名妇女死亡至少五人受伤,英国警方称精神健康是一个重要因素。Assistant Commissioner for Londons police service Mark Rowley said on Thursday police are still ;keeping an open mind regarding the motive.;伦敦警察局助理局长马克·罗立周四表示,警方仍对作案动机保持开发的心态。City police responded late Wednesday to reports of a man attacking people with a knife in Russell Square. Police arrived at the scene, and at least six people had suffered stab wounds.市警方周三晚上接到报案,称一名男子在罗素广场持刀袭击。警方到达现场,至少有六人遭到刺伤。Police report one woman was pronounced dead at the scene. Rowley said the woman killed was an American citizen.警方称一名妇女现场被宣告死亡。罗立称被杀害的妇女是一名美国公民。The attacker was arrested shortly after police arrived and remains in police custody.警方到达后不久袭击者被逮捕,并被警方拘留。City police are working with officers from the Counter Terrorism Command to determine if the attack was terror-related. Rowley said so far, authorities have found no evidence of radicalization.市警方正与反恐指挥部的人员合作,确定该袭击是否与恐怖有关。罗立表示,到目前为止当局没有发现与激进主义有关。Rowley said civilians should expect to see more officers following the event.罗立表示,事件发生后民众希望部署更多警员。译文属。201608/458933

  The slimy mucus of a frog might actually help you tackle the flu. No, seriously.青蛙黏滑的黏液实际上可以帮助你对付流感。不,是真的。Frog mucus is full of molecules known as peptides that can kill bacteria and viruses. 青蛙的黏液中充满了可以杀死细菌和病毒的分子。According to a new study, the mucus of one particular frog can even destroy some of the most common strains of flu in humans.根据一项新的研究,一只特殊青蛙的黏液甚至可以破坏人类最常见的流感病毒株。Almost all animals,including humans,make antimicrobial peptides as part of their natural immune systems. 几乎所有的动物,包括人类,都将抗菌肽作为天然免疫系统的一部分。Researchers are just beginning to investigate them as a potential source for new drugs. 研究人员才刚开始研究它们,作为新药物的潜在来源。Scientists recently found that blood from Komodo dragons is highly resistant to bacteria, which could be used to help humans ward off so-called superbugs.科学家最近发现,科莫多巨蜥的血液能高度抵抗细菌,它可以用来帮助人类抵御所谓的超级细菌。And another group of researchers found that snake venom can help quickly stop bleeding.而另一组研究人员发现,蛇毒可以帮助迅速止血。The frog mucus research is the first evidence of the slimes flu-killing ability. 青蛙黏液的研究首次明黏液具有消灭流感的能力。But dont expect to find it on drugstore shelves anytime soon — it can take years of testing to clear new drugs for use in humans.但不要指望在药店货架上随时发现它。它可能需要多年的测试,才能获得用于人类的新药物。译文属。201704/504764栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201606/431426Anti-vaccine activists endured a cold, rainy day in Washington to make their point.为了达到抵制目的,这些反疫苗活动人士们在阴雨连绵的华盛顿忍受了一天的严寒。;As parents, its our decision whether or not we want to vaccinate.;“作为父母,我们有权决定是否要给孩子接种疫苗。”The movement has gained so much momentum that doctors are alarmed.这场运动发展势头迅猛,医生们对此也感到十分震惊。;We now, in the state of Texas, have 50,000 kids whose parents are opting them out of getting vaccinated.;“德克萨斯州现在就有5万名孩子的家长选择不接种疫苗。”Activists say thats because vaccines can cause everything from autism to severe allergies.活动人士们表示,之所以不让孩子接种疫苗,是因为疫苗会导致各种不良反应,从自闭症到严重过敏都有可能出现。And that the centers for disease control is covering up study showing harmful health effects.疾病控制中心如今都在掩盖那些会对身体产生有害影响的研究。But thats not the case.但事实却并非如此。;Occasionally there is an adverse reaction, but it is so rare, that its to be almost unmeasurable.;“确实会偶尔出现不良反应,但是这个概率特别小,几乎是不可测的。”;The most common side effects to any of the vaccines are pain at the injection site and fever for 24 to 48 hours.;“对于所有疫苗来说,最常见的副作用就是注射部位疼痛以及发烧24至48小时。”But the activists are convinced harmful ingredients are added to the vaccines.但是活动人士坚信疫苗当中都添加了有害成分。;Now its aluminum that has been added as an adjuvant.“铝佐剂被添加到疫苗当中。Add to that formaldehyde, polysorbate-80, and significant amount of human aborted fetal cell lines,还加入甲醛、聚山梨醇酯-80,并使用大量的流产胎儿细胞系、bovine cells, pig, sheep, monkey, dog, these cells are not meant to be injected into the human body.;牛细胞、猪细胞、羊细胞、猴细胞和细胞。这些细胞本不该被注入到人体当中去的。”Again, the science says otherwise.然而这一次,科学再次明并非如此。;The vaccines that the children are getting today are very much more pure and are very safe and effective.;“现在孩子们接种的疫苗都十分纯净,而且也非常安全有效。”So effective that some diseases are no longer perceived as a threat.这些疫苗当真有效,所以有一些疾病如今已经不再被视为威胁。;Currently, if you speak with any young mother or young father in Italy, where I come from,“我来自意大利,目前,你跟任何一个意大利的年轻父亲或母亲聊天都会发现,they dont know diphtheria. Theyve never seen it, they dont know that you can lose your child from diphtheria.;他们根本不知道白喉症。因为他们从来都没见过。所以他们也不知道一个人居然可以因为白喉症而痛失骨肉。”The World Health Organization has an online site to help parents find reliable information on vaccine safety.世卫组织开通了一个在线网站,帮助父母找到可靠的疫苗安全信息。The CDC does the same.而疾控中心也是这么做的。;I think that there will be a certain number of people, a certain percentage of people,“我觉得肯定还会有相当数量和比例的人群,who no matter what you say to convince them with evidence, theyre not going to be convinced,不管你如何用据来说他们,他们就是不会相信你,but I think the approach towards people who are anti-vaccinating is to respect their opinion and dont denigrate them and dont criticize them,不过在我看来,面对这些反对接种疫苗的人,我们能做的就是尊重他们的意见,不要去贬低或者批评他们,but try to explain to them on the basis of solid evidence why the risk/benefit of vaccines clearly,而要用真凭实据向他们解释明白:接种疫苗虽有利有弊,但权衡之下,clearly favors very, very heavily towards vaccinating your children.;很明显,利大于弊,父母还是应该为自己的孩子接种疫苗。”And thats why Dr. Peter Hotez urges scientists to get out of their laboratories and to talk to people about vaccines.正因如此,彼得·霍特兹士才鼓励科学家们走出实验室,跟人们去讨论有关疫苗的话题。Otherwise, he says, children the world over will unnecessary suffer and die from diseases that can be prevented by safe, effective vaccines.否则的话,他表示,世界各地的孩子都可能患上某些疾病并最终导致死亡,但我们本可以通过为他们接种安全有效的疫苗来预防这些疾病。Carol Pearson, VOA news, Washington.VOA新闻,卡洛·皮尔森于华盛顿为您播报。201706/513119

  Archbishop of Canterbury Simon Sudbury was captured while at his prayers in the Chapel of St John.坎特伯雷大主教西蒙·萨德伯里被捕于 施洗约翰礼拜堂众祷告者面前The rampaging rebels hacked his head off,stuck it on a spike and paraded it triumphantly through the streets.愤怒的叛军砍下了他的头颅 钉在钉子上 耀武扬威的游街示众On the evening of Thursday 13th June,the teenage king climbed one of the turrets in the tower,6月13日这一周四的晚上 年少的国王登上了伦敦塔的一座炮塔and what he saw ought to have broken him in terror.所见之景 触目惊心the sky red with flames,London crumbling into smoking ruins.天际血红似火 伦敦一片硝烟狼藉But hostage to a nightmare,Richard doesnt seem to have panicked.尽管事态严重 理查并未表现惊慌When counsellors asked him to negotiate with the rebels,he evidently showed no hesitation.当顾问官建议与叛军进行谈判时 他未显犹豫之态It was the boy who was the man of the hour.这个少年可是十分非凡It was a brave front. For Richard must have thought there was a chance he might not survive.这是富有勇气的一步 理查肯定想过 他很有可能无法活着回来Before the meeting with the rebels,he prayed at the shrine of Edward the Confessor,与叛军会晤前 他祈祷于金雀花王朝历任国王的守护圣人the patron saint of all the Plantagenet kings.忏悔者爱德华的圣坛前Then he rode through the jostling crowds to meet Wat Tyler and the rest of the leaders at Smithfield.然后骑马穿过熙攘的人流 在史密斯菲尔德接见了瓦特·泰勒 和其它领导人 /201611/480492This breakfast in Morocco was bad.Thats why its in at number 14.在洛哥的这一顿早餐 很烂 因此它获得了第14名Couple of locusts.Beetles.A couple of moths, as well.有几只蚱蜢 几个甲虫 还有几只蛾子Even got a praying mantis. Squidge all that up...together.居然还有只合掌螳螂 把它们揉一揉 挤成一团Bears always saying when he eats bugs that this is a good source of protein,贝尔在吃虫子的时候总是说 这能补充蛋白质and hes often saying that after hes eaten maybe an ant.在吃蚂蚁什么的后 他总要讲一句But this time, he did deliver his protein hit.不过这一次 这发蛋白质补得有些过猛了Well, for me, personally,its just that crunching sound.就我个人而言 那个吱嘎吱嘎的声音我就受不了knowing youre going through a sort of abdomen of a beetle of some kind.一想到要咬烂某种甲虫的肚子 然后汁水四溅Oh, god.Ive really learned to hate that taste.天呐 我这回可是记住这个可恨的味道了Its that cold, sandy, crunchy goo with a very,like, off-mustard taste.又冷又磨牙还吱嘎作响的糊状物 吃起来就像没涂够芥末Try always not to think of the taste.Want to just get it down.还是不要去想象这种味道 直接咽下去比较好When were on the shoot and we kill any animal,I insist that we all share it.在拍摄期间 要是我们杀了什么动物 我就会坚持要我们分着吃Youve got to keep chewing it to get the stuff down. Come on.你得不停地嚼才能把这玩意咽下去The crew dont like it,but I think its only right.We kill it, we all eat it.摄制组的人都不赞同 不过我觉得这样才对 我们杀了它 再一起吃了它Truly terrible way to start a day.Ugh, yeah. But we shared some.如此开始新的一天真悲惨 是啊 不过我们真的分着吃Coming up,the most difficult helicopter insertion weve ever done.Can you guess which one it is?下节看点 史上最高难度的直升机空中放人 你能猜出来是哪一次吗201612/483178

  The embroiderers make it dramatically clear that Harold and his men now find themselves in an alien world.绣女们将哈罗德和手下 陷入陌生地的情景 栩栩如生地展现了出来The Saxons are moustachioed at this stage of the story,撒克逊人在这段时间都蓄着胡子rather fine-looking, with a certain air about them,despite their predicament.英俊潇洒 威风凛凛 尽管他们还身陷困境The Normans, by contrast, shave the backs of their heads.相反 诺曼底人削去了后脑勺的头发Theyre the scary half-skinheads of the early feudal world.他们还是封建社会早期可怕的半光头人Realising that his lucky number has come up,意识到自己的好运来了William could afford to be all charm and generosity to his prisoner,威廉便对他的囚徒极尽慷慨大方之能事cleverly bringing him into his military entourage.趁机让他做了自己的军队随从William took Harold on campaign with him in Brittany,威廉带他出征布列塔尼where Harold returns the favour by rescuing two of Williams soldiers而作为回报 哈罗德在圣米歇尔山的流沙中from the quicksands of Mont Saint Michel,one on his left arm, one on his back.拯救了他的两名士兵 左手拉一名 背上背一名But Williams hospitality is steel-tipped.但威廉的殷勤是有目的的He makes Harold one of his knights,a solemn ceremonious business but one that involved a two-way obligation.他任命哈罗德为骑士 这一庄严的仪式 意味着双向的义务William, now his liege lord,would be obliged to protect Harold, his new knight.威廉作为他的君主 有义务保护他的新骑士哈罗德But Harold would have had to make his own promises,哈罗德则需要自行许愿and there seems no doubt that he did swear some sort of oath to the Duke.而他似乎确实 对自己的君主进行了某种宣誓 /201607/457137


  栏目简介:Also for International Museum Day, Shanghai Museum launched a souvenir design competition today. Song Wenjing tells us more.201704/499896

  But despite their popularity,但除了他们的数量之外scientists know surprisingly little about their behaviour科学家们对他们在猫洞之外的行为once theyve left the cat flap.了解得却出奇的少Got a fairly wide range of types of housing在这儿能找到很多不同类型的房屋and, hopefully, types of cat here.但愿能找到不同种类的猫Yeah, definitely.当然The built-up area, if Im looking at the map,住宅区 根据地图来看seems to be behind us.在我们身后And then these houses in front of us here而我们前面的房子look to back all on to fields.看起来背靠着田野They want to find out more about how far cats travel each day...他们想知道猫每天会走多远的路So hopefully well get cats roaming out of their back gardens但愿我们能发现猫猫们从后花园里and up into the farms.溜达到农场里..How these solitary creatures manage to live side by side...这些独居动物是如何生活在一起Ill expect some of these houses in this more built-up area,我希望那个住宅区的一些家庭there might be multi-cat households.他们也许养了不止一只猫..And where cats really find their food.以及猫究竟在哪里找食物Ive really been interested in the cat我一直对猫很感兴趣because its that combination of wild animal and domestic animal,因为他们是野生动物和家养动物的结合and the changes that are going on within it,还有他们身上发生的改变that I find fascinating as a biologist.作为一个生物学家我认为这很奇妙重点解释:1.look at (仔细地)看例句:Please raise your head and look at the blackboard.请抬起头来,看黑板。2.in front of 在 ... 前面例句;He was sprawling in the sofa in front of the TV.他伸开手脚坐在电视机前的沙发上。3.find out 发现例句:Find out what the conditions of the contract are.弄清楚合同的条件是什么。201605/445533

  Thats the heli out of here.Man, look at this place.直升机飞走了 看这地方Am I landing on the moon?Were here.我这是到了月球吗 我们来到这不毛之地 There is red hot molten lava somewhere under my feet.红热的熔浆在我脚下翻滚Feel the heat up here.That is the wind noise.快来感觉这温度 听那风噪声This is bad, boy.And this is well all of that这可不是好地方 从火山口升起的gases pouring out of and all those gases are poisonous.浓浓白烟 都是有毒的So the sulphur are coming out.Thats one of this yellowish.里面含有硫 这黄色的堆积物就是硫Somewhere down there red hot magma chamber.I feel very vunlerable here.火山口下面是 滚烫的岩浆房 这里不安全I want to get off this peak quickly.我希望尽快离开山顶Guatemala was dominated by the Mayan civilisation for over 2000 years.危地马拉曾被马雅人统治两千多年Their ancient cities are hidden in the jungle especially in the north.他们古老的城市藏匿在森林深处 北部尤为密集Its just after dawn.The sun rise over there, east.现在刚过黎明 太阳升起的那边是东边I want to keep in this way, north.Down the hill. Away from the lava.我想走的是北边 沿着这个方向下山 远离岩浆Get stuck here and one of the best bet is to head for the Mayan ruins deep in the jungle.在这样的境地 我们最好的选择 是前往丛林深处的玛雅遗迹Theyre popular with tourists.Where there are people, there is salvation.许多游客慕名前往 只要有人 就能获救201609/464057

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